No Fireworks Here

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Jul 052024

I hope you all had a safe Independence Day holiday, and if you played with fireworks, I hope you still have all of your fingers. There were fireworks displays around the area yesterday, but we didn’t go to any of them. I was busy writing, getting another chapter done in my new book, and Miss […]

A Quiet 4th of July

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Jul 052023

Note: For some reason some readers are not able to see the photos in today’s blog.  If you can’t, try going to After living in Florida for six years, where the week preceding and the week after the Independence Day holiday always sounded like the D-Day invasion, we had a quiet day and evening […]

Jul 062022

We were up earlier than usual yesterday because Terry had an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, about 90 miles north of us. It being the day after the Independence Day holiday, we thought there might be a lot of traffic on Interstate 95, so we left a half-hour earlier than we normally do. […]

The Holiday Hula

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Jul 022010

For the most part, fulltime RVers are pretty darned patriotic people. But a lot of us still dread the Independence Day holiday every year. Not because we don’t like small town parades and fireworks, but because we know that everybody with a tent, trailer, bus or motorhome will be filling up RV parks from coast […]