Feb 092022

Within shouting distance of the rollercoasters and thrill rides of Hersheypark we discovered a historic log cabin, the oldest in southeast Pennsylvania. Built from hand-hewn logs in 1732, the same year George Washington was born, the Derry Church Session House saw much of the history of pioneer days in the Keystone State. Local records say […]

Three Pebbles

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Jun 112020

The days of our nation’s westward expansion fill the pages of history with stories of newfound wealth, people acquiring land that they could never have if they had not chosen the difficult and sometimes dangerous path West, and many times, tragedies. This is the story of one such tragedy. When a young woman from Elmore, […]

Dec 092019

Just a few miles west of the Kennedy Space Center, where America’s rockets lift off to the new frontiers of outer space, you will find a wonderful historical park that celebrates a time in history when Florida was the frontier. It was a time when hostile Indians and the very land itself challenged the survival […]