Mar 232014

After reading yesterday’s blog where I advised people not to wait to follow their dreams, I got two e-mails from readers telling me that they want to experience the fulltime RV lifestyle but can’t because A) In one case their daughter told them if they do she will disown them and they will never know […]

Long, Hard Days

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Mar 222014

We’ve been putting in long, hard days at the hospital with our friends Jim and Shar Lewis as she draws closer to what appears to be the inevitable. It’s not the way we’d prefer to be spending our time, but it’s what is needed now for the people we love. Jim and I go back […]

A Short Blog

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Mar 202014

I’m sorry, but this is going to be a short blog. Soon after we got up yesterday I called my friend Jim Lewis to see how his wife Shar was doing, since she had been readmitted to the hospital the day before. I knew from the sound of his voice the news wasn’t good, and […]