I’m Confused

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Aug 052021

I needed to get a bunch of 1/4 inch neoprene washers to go between the wingnuts and the polycarbonate hurricane panels, so I went to our local hardware store yesterday and told the young man working there that I needed 130 of them. He led me to the aisle where they keep things like that […]

Oh, The Pressure!

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May 182021

A couple of days ago I wrote in a blog titled Tidying Things Up that our lawn sprinkler system had stopped working quite some time ago and I never got around to messing with it until recently. When I did, I found that the control box for the sprinkler system was dead, and a couple […]

Making It Harder

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Sep 112019

In a blog post a couple of days ago titled Building Stuff, I showed the cable and lock I had put together to secure our Honda generators when we have to use them outside during a power outage. At the time, I had the loops on each end of the cable secured with clamps and […]