Another Busy Day

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May 242024

Yesterday was another busy day for us, starting with an early morning phone call from Pickins County Primary Care asking me to come in for some lab work. I’m not sure what that was about because they just did labs when we had an appointment there last week. But I told them I would be […]

So Much Happening

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May 222024

We have had a lot happening the last couple of days and it seems like we have spent more time going places than we have at home. The first thing Monday morning our friend Alan Banks from Banks Construction came over to look at the steps on the side of the house to figure out […]

May 192024

The weatherman was wrong when he said that we would get a lot of rain on Friday, but he made up for it by saying that it would come in on Saturday. About mid-afternoon yesterday it started pouring, and I told Terry that all of the soil and compost we put in her raised planter […]