The Girls Are Here!

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Mar 082024

It seems like whenever I have to get up early in the morning to do something I might as well stay up all night, because I hardly get any sleep anyway. Mostly I toss and turn on nights like that, even though I’ve been taking ZZZ Quil sleep aid. That was the case Wednesday night, […]

Loofah Lore

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Aug 172023

You’re never too old to learn something new. I know this is true because I’m two weeks past ancient, and I’m still learning new things all of the time. Just this week I learned a whole bunch of things about loofahs. The only thing I knew about loofahs was that they were some kind of […]

Aug 012023

Yesterday was a good day for a lot of reasons. And any one of them would have been enough to make me happy. One of the first things I did yesterday after feeding Alli and taking her out for her second potty of the day, was to load all of the deer fence material that […]