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Jul 072024

That’s about the only word for me in the last couple of days. My back has flared up and it’s giving me a lot of discomfort. I am back to the point where I’m using my cane again. I am scheduled to have my RF ablation August 8th and I really hope it helps. In […]

Jul 032024

Between the two nerve block shots I received recently, and Terry getting her second one yesterday, the Spine Care Center in Tuscaloosa is starting to feel like home. Medicare requires two of the nerve blocks, done at least two weeks apart, before they will approve the RF ablation to sever the nerve and stop the […]

Mar 242014

Note: This story first appeared in the January-February 2010 issue of the Gypsy Journal. You have to want to visit Core Sound, because it’s not an easy place to get to, and few people stumble upon it by accident. Locals say that the region begins where most folks’ geographic knowledge of North Carolina ends: – […]