Oct 232010

I exchanged e-mails yesterday with a couple who said that they have a very nice 1999 Newmar Mountain Aire that they absolutely love, but the coach is beginning to show its age and they were thinking about buying a new diesel pusher to replace it. They said that after months of shopping, they have not […]

Oct 222010

A few readers have asked lately about operating a business on the road, and more specifically, how we run our business as we travel. While there are some websites whose owners go into depth about their finances, how much they need to earn, and how they plan to earn it, I really don’t feel comfortable […]

Oct 212010

When we arrived at the Kentucky Horse Park on Sunday the place was packed, but by yesterday it was almost a ghost town. There were probably only a half dozen or so other RVs on our entire loop. With our business in Lexington finished, we had no reason to hang around any longer, and we […]

How We Choose

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Oct 202010

Several readers have written to ask why we didn’t visit Colonial Williamsburg during our recent trip to Virginia, suggesting that it would be a good story for the Gypsy Journal. We have also had e-mails from readers in the last couple of weeks wanting to know why we didn’t tour this place or that place […]

Oct 192010

My annual checkup at the V.A. hospital here in Lexington, Kentucky was scheduled for 10 a.m. yesterday, but we arrived a half hour early, and within about 5 minutes I was in an exam room where a nurse took my vitals, and then she took me in to see my doctor. He read over my […]

Oct 182010

The Flying J at at Catlettsburg, Kentucky had several dedicated RV parking sites, but we were the only RV there Saturday night, which is a first for us. Usually Flying Js fill up with RVs early and they stay overnight, taking advantage of the company’s RV friendly hospitality. I don’t drink coffee because it might […]

Marathon Driving

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Oct 172010

Yesterday was another one of those marathon driving days that RVers are not supposed to do, but that we find ourselves doing quite often. We do this sometimes when we have to get from Point A to Point B, and don’t have time to stop and play along the way. It’s not our preferred mode […]

Oct 162010

Yesterday was our last full day in Virginia, and like much of our time here, it started out gray and chilly. We drove into Gloucester Courthouse and picked up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal from the printer and got it loaded into the van. They did a pretty good job, and we’ll use […]

Oct 152010

It started raining early yesterday morning, and by about 4 a.m. it was really coming down hard. The storm lasted all day; sometimes the rain would ease up to just a sprinkle for a while, and then it would start pouring all over again. It was a good day to stay home and get caught […]

Oct 142010

I got the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished yesterday and we dropped it off at the printer a little before 5 p.m. If all goes according to schedule, we’ll pick it up late today or tomorrow morning, and the next task will be to get it mailed out to all of our subscribers […]

Oct 132010

RVers don’t usually spend a lot of time arguing about politics, religion, or gun control, but certain topics are always sure to get a good campfire debate going, and one of them is whether it is acceptable to dump gray water on the ground. Some folks are convinced that dumping your gray tank is just […]

Oct 122010

Yesterday I took a break from working on the new issue so we could go to the post office and mail out some orders, and drive into Gloucester Courthouse to touch base with the newspaper that is supposed to print the new issue of the Gypsy Journal later this week. As it turns out, both […]

Oct 112010

Yesterday was another day of plugging away at the new issue of the paper, so there’s not a lot to talk about on that end of things. I’ve got 13 pages to go, so barring any unforeseen delays, we’re on schedule. The Thousand Trails campground was pretty full over the weekend, but by Sunday afternoon, […]

I Meet Pete

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Oct 102010

Yesterday morning somebody knocked on my door, and when I opened it, my worst fears were realized. It was time to meet Pete! I would have run out the back door, if we had a back door on our motorhome, or crawled out a window, if they made RV windows big enough to fit my […]

Oct 092010

I guess I’d better be careful who I pick on. In yesterday’s blog, I wrote about a fellow moving his motorhome with the awnings out and rooftop TV dish up. Yesterday morning one of our neighbors came by to tell us that she is a relatively new blog reader, and a friend of the man […]

Oct 082010

Whenever there’s nothing on TV worth watching, I don’t feel like reading, and I’m too lazy to go exploring, all I have to do for entertainment is look out my window. There’s sure to be something going on in the campground! We stayed home yesterday while I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy […]