A Short One

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Mar 262013

No, not me, though I am a short one too. But the title refers to the fact that today’s blog will be shorter than usual. Almost every day for the last seven or eight years I have written a blog that ranged from about 500 to over 1,000 words. But I’ve been so busy working […]

More Tests

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Mar 252013

We had a quiet weekend. I spent most of it writing while Terry caught up on her shopping, the laundry, and worked away at the pile of paperwork that seems to grow all by itself overnight in spite of her never ending efforts. She’s also been proofing my newest book as I go, a couple […]

Jul 062011

We had planned to take the ferry over to Seattle yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well, so I wimped out and spent most of the day being lazy. I think Miss Terry was just as happy to stay home and relax after all of her work the day before, smoking ribs for our Independence Day […]