You Must Plan Ahead

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Dec 012016

Apparently some folks don’t understand my twisted sense of humor. So just to clear the air, no, I did not change my car’s horn to gunshots as I said in yesterday’s thought for the day. Four different people posted blog comments or sent me e-mails to say that was scary or dangerous and I might […]

Apr 132011

With fuel prices reaching record heights, I am hearing from a lot of RVers who are wondering if they can continue to travel, or who are cutting back on their travels until prices level out. Well, believe it or not, there’s good news, and there’s more good news! The first bit of good news is […]

Jan 122009

There are several discount camping clubs available to RVers, including Passport America, Recreation USA, Happy Camper Club, Camp Club USA, and probably a couple of others that I have forgotten to mention. A discount camping club can save you a lot of money, if you use it, and if you understand how it operates.   […]