My Kid Hates Me

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Feb 182023

For a long time I have labored under the misconception that my son Travis and I were pretty tight. As a single father, I did the best I could by him, and though we have butted heads sometimes over the years, I really thought we were okay. But I guess I was wrong. My kid […]

Sep 082021

At least it seems that way around here sometimes. As I’ve said before, since I’m a slow two-finger typist and I narrate my books into either a Sony digital recorder and then transcribe them with Dragon software, or else I dictate directly into Dragon. Neither of these are perfect, and I wind up with lots […]

Jun 282009

Thanks to everyone who posted comments to the blog or sent e-mails with suggestions of replacement laptop computers for Terry. And thanks especially to our pal Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour. I was on the phone several times with Jim yesterday trying to resolve the issues with Terry’s Compaq, and then again as we […]