I’m Not Just Anybody

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Jun 092024

My wife and children, and anybody who knows me well, never feel uncomfortable when I’m handling or using firearms. That’s probably because I grew up shooting, and basic gun safety was drilled into me from the time I could understand the English language. Between being a lifelong shooter and my time as a firearms instructor […]

Two Nights In A Row

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Jun 062024

Can you think of a better way to start the day then a stack of Miss Terry’s banana pecan pancakes? I sure can’t. They are delicious! Except for a quick trip to Gordo after breakfast to mail off a book and pick up a prescription at CVS, I spent most of the day writing again. […]

Too Much Grass

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Sep 102023

I know there are plenty of potheads would who would tell me there’s no such thing as having too much grass, but I’m not a pothead and that’s not the kind of grass I’m talking about. I am referring to all of the dried out mowed grass all over our pastures and yard. And trust […]