Storm? What Storm?

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Jun 052024

While we have been fortunate not to be hit with any of the terrible weather that Texas and the Midwest have been experiencing lately, for the next week or so we are supposed to have some thunderstorms. A big one came through yesterday evening, with driving rain and lots of thunder and lightning, knocking the […]

A Demanding Girl

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Mar 032024

It seems like in the last few weeks, my German shepherd has learned how to bark. Alli was a year old when we adopted her last June, and for the first several months she was a fairly quiet dog. She would whine when she needed to go out and make little happy yipping noises when […]

Protecting Her Human

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Aug 192023

They call German Shepherds Velcro dogs for a reason. Once they find their person, they stick to them like Velcro. Alli was about a year old when we rescued her and she quickly became my Velcro dog. If I so much as get up and walk from one room to the other, she’s right beside […]