One Day Delay

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May 282013

We had planned to leave Arizona today, but the weatherman is predicting strong winds, with gusts over 40 miles per hour, so that’s not going to happen. We’ll extend our stay for one more day and head out on Wednesday. A one day delay won’t change our schedule, since we really don’t have much of […]

Nick Gets A New Chair

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Nov 272011

I often spend eight hours or more a day at my desk, and when I’m on deadline, it’s not unusual for me to pull a twelve or fourteen hour day. For the last year or more, I have had a lot of pain in my tailbone and back, and especially after a working day. My […]

Oct 122009

There are a lot of reasons I think Al Gore needs a mouth transplant, and his theory of global warming is just one of them. Spend a day or two here in northern Indiana this time of year, and I bet you’ll agree that global warming is an urban legend. Damn, it’s cold! Our Winnebago […]