So Much Happening

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May 222024

We have had a lot happening the last couple of days and it seems like we have spent more time going places than we have at home. The first thing Monday morning our friend Alan Banks from Banks Construction came over to look at the steps on the side of the house to figure out […]

Pampered Taste Buds

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May 202024

I am far from a gourmet, I’m more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have pampered taste buds. Miss Terry makes sure of that with all the delicious meals and treats she makes. For example, check out this delicious cheesecake topped with lemon curd she made the […]

Plugged And Stuffed

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Feb 162024

We were on the go for much of yesterday, running errands and getting things done. Our first stop was at the post office in Gordo to pick up an Amazon package that they wouldn’t deliver because it was too heavy, at about 40 pounds. The lady at the post office said that Amazon is shipping […]

Beating The Heat

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Aug 112020

There’s not much going on right now except staying inside avoiding COVID-19 and the nasty heat and humidity as much as possible, and getting a lot of writing done. But we did have to venture outside yesterday to drive down to Titusville for Terry’s semi-annual appointment at Kutryb Eye Institute. She suffers from chronic dry […]