I Hope I Helped

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Dec 292021

I was up earlier than usual yesterday morning because I had offered to go with our friends Dennis and Tami to negotiate on a car to replace the one they were driving, which was having major problems and was not worth fixing. I had confirmed that by calling my son-in-law Kenny in Arizona, who is […]

Apr 142021

A friend who reads the blog asked me the other day how I wound up owning seven newspapers on the Oregon and Washington coasts by the time I was 30 years old. Well, I didn’t plan it that way. It just sort of happened. My first paper was in Aberdeen, Washington, on Grays Harbor.  When […]

Just Be Honest

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Mar 032017

Don’t you hate it when somebody tries to sell you something by being sneaky and dishonest? No, I’m not talking about the local RV salesman, though that description fits a lot of them I have met. I’m talking about any salesperson who has to try to mislead you just to make a buck. Don’t get […]