Apr 282024

You know that joke where the Amazon delivery driver knocks on your door to ask if you are okay, saying he’s worried because he hasn’t had a delivery for your house in two days? It’s kind of like that with the UPS man here. We actually have three different UPS delivery drivers, and when we […]

It Grows Fast!

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Apr 272024

In a blog post titled Books And Bees 10 days ago, I wrote that we had mowed our lawns and most of the main pasture, leaving the area where Terry’s fruit trees are untouched because it was full of clover that the bees were happily enjoying. I also left the back pasture behind the barn […]

An Outside Day

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Apr 252024

The weather was beautiful yesterday, with a high in the upper 70s, which made it a great day for working outside. Like most people in the rural South, we have a burn barrel, though I would much rather recycle whenever I can. The problem is that nobody in Alabama seems to understand or care about […]