A Bump In The Road

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Dec 122013

The last few days I have been pretty much chained to my desk, working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and by the time I knocked off last night I had 30 pages done, which puts me in a good position to have it to the printer Monday morning. Usually by now I would […]

A Bevy Of Beauties

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Mar 082012

Yesterday was another busy day at the Gypsy Journal Rally here in Yuma, Arizona. I did three seminars; Laugh Your Way Across The USA, Highway History and Back Road Mystery, and Birth Of A Bestseller. Presenting seminars is one of my favorite parts of an RV rally and one of the things I really miss […]

Miss Terry’s Turn

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Feb 162012

I’m glad Arizona is a community property state, because Miss Terry and I share everything. Currently, she is sharing my cold. I’m not sure how grateful she is for that, but the good news is I’m feeling a lot better! In fact, if Terry weren’t so stubborn, I’d be able to pamper her and take […]

Mar 102011

The fun at the Gypsy Journal rally never stops, from sunup to long past sundown. If you come to one of these events and are bored, it’s your own fault. You must be hiding in your RV, or something! The first seminar I gave yesterday was called Laugh Your Way Across The USA, which is […]

Feb 122009

After the nasty weather we put up with the first two days of the rally, yesterday we were rewarded with a beautiful day. The sky was blue, the temperature was comfortable, and everybody was out and about, having a good time socializing, attending our seminars, and shopping with the rally vendors. For the second year […]