Did You Miss Me?

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Oct 112022

Just like a bad rash, or that annoying brother-in-law who keeps showing up to borrow your tools and never returns them, I’m back! Did you miss me? I sure missed all of you! I appreciate everybody’s patience while we’ve been offline for so long due to Hurricane Ian. Let me give you an update on […]

Oct 102022

We are finally back to the modern world! No more generators needed to keep our refrigerator running, the local gas stations have fuel, and best of all, late yesterday afternoon we finally got our cable TV and internet working again! Getting that accomplished was an adventure and took a toll on my body. It’s late […]

Mister Ed’s Grave

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Nov 022017

Are you old enough to remember the days before cable TV? How about the days before color TV? Do you remember what it was like to actually have to get up and walk across the room to change the channel? How about rabbit ears on top of the television? If you do, you remember some […]

Tread Carefully

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Oct 302016

Please watch where you’re walking around us for a while, will you? Because mine and Miss Terry’s butts are dragging and I wouldn’t want you to step on them. With my dad’s work when I was a kid, and later my time in the military and living in different places around the country afterward, I […]