RV Upgrades

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Jun 032014

I’m always surprised when people say they wish they could make some change to their RV so it would better suit their lifestyle but won’t because they are afraid of reducing its resale value. I always tell them not to worry about that because whether they bought their rig new or used, it lost a […]

Jun 012010

No matter what you have ever heard, there is absolutely no energy crisis, there never has been an energy crisis, and there never will be an energy crisis. All we have ever had is a technology crisis, and misdirected focus! If you doubt me, spend an afternoon with two little granddaughters, ages seven and three. […]

Feb 252009

I received three e-mails in as many days from different people who have been dreaming of the day when they could shake their sticks and bricks home and hit the road as fulltime RVers. The theme in all three messages was the same: With the current state of the economy, with the RV industry in […]