Jun 242012

For quite a while now, Candace Rivero has been a blog reader and Facebook friend, and we’ve exchanged several e-mails. So when she contacted us to say she was in Goshen and would like to come by for a visit, and to pick up one of our 7-in-1 CDs, we were looking forward to meeting […]

Dec 152011

I’ve had two different people e-mailing me in the last few days with questions about buying an RV for fulltime living. That’s not surprising, I get a lot of e-mails from people asking for advice, and I’m always happy to offer whatever I can, with the caveat that it’s free advice, and worth exactly what […]

Feb 262009

My Dad lived through the hard times of the Great Depression, and used to say “They can take away your car, they can take away your home, they can take away your money, they can even take away your freedom. But they can’t take away your memories.” Those words are so true. I was reminded […]