Dec 012023

Scott and Alan Banks, the father and son team that run Banks Construction, were back yesterday morning to finish the new flat deck we had installed off our bedroom to accommodate a hot tub. They got so much done the day before that there really wasn’t all that much left. It didn’t take long for […]

Another Deck Project

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Nov 302023

When we left our home in Show Low, Arizona to become fulltime RVers back in 1999, there were many changes in our lives, and while we had to give up some things to live our dream, the tradeoff was well worth it. If there was one thing we both missed most of all it would […]

Saturday’s Project

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Aug 062023

It seems like we’ve always got some kind of project going on around here, whether it be a big one like getting a deck built or rehabbing the barn, or small ones like setting up Terry’s new Ooni wood fired pizza oven. One way or the other, we never get bored. Yesterday’s project was assembling […]

Aug 022023

When Scott and Alan Banks were here building our deck last week, I mentioned a couple of other projects we would like them to do for us, and I also mentioned that I have not been able to get the mid-mount mower deck connected to my Kubota tractor. It was on the tractor when I […]

Deck Project Day Two

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Jul 292023

Scott and Alan Banks from Banks Construction LLC were back about 6 o’clock yesterday morning and working on the deck. The first step was building the stairs. We wanted two sets, one directly in line with the back door and another one on the side closest to the garage. As they did the day before, […]

Beating The Heat

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Aug 112020

There’s not much going on right now except staying inside avoiding COVID-19 and the nasty heat and humidity as much as possible, and getting a lot of writing done. But we did have to venture outside yesterday to drive down to Titusville for Terry’s semi-annual appointment at Kutryb Eye Institute. She suffers from chronic dry […]

No Time To Be Bored

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Aug 092020

In a blog a couple of days ago, I wrote about someone saying that she and her husband were bored and getting on each other’s nerves being cooped up all the time due to COVID-19. What’s that like? I don’t know what it’s like to be bored. I don’t think I have ever been bored. […]

Shutters And Decks

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Jul 312020

Living on the coast in central Florida, we have wanted to get hurricane shutters or some type of window protection installed on our house for quite some time now. We first talked to a local company with excellent reviews about it back in November, but then Terry had to have surgery for her Interstim implant, […]