Feb 142022

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovers, young and old, and especially to my own sweetheart, Miss Terry. I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it a million times again, I love you. There’s nothing better than being married to your best friend. Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Are […]

Jun 222019

Today we are celebrating Terry’s birthday, and though she modestly says it’s just another day, it’s a very special day. Who knew that that little baby born in Newton, Kansas would grow up to become the most beautiful woman in the world? And not just beautiful, but also strong, caring, intelligent, talented in so many […]

Living Two-Gether

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Jun 302014

If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked us how we manage to live together in the relatively small confines of a motorhome, or heard somebody say, “We couldn’t do it fulltime, we’d kill each other” I could probably retire and live quite comfortably. One of the most common questions I get when […]