On To The Next Stage

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Mar 252024

I spent most of yesterday reading through and making corrections to the last chapters I had written for my new book, Big Lake Accident. It was close to 8 PM when I finished and my eyes felt like they were about to fall out of my head. Now it’s on to the next stage. I […]

A Happy Lady

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Mar 232024

Yesterday morning started with a phone call from our friend Wayne. Wayne and his special lady Anita are the folks who took down our two hay sheds, and also stripped all of the old wiring from the barn. A while back Anita got a couple of my books and said she really enjoyed them, so […]

Mar 222024

We have a shallow ditch that runs alongside the road back to the barn that seems to always stay wet because it’s at the bottom of the slope from yard. Every time we walked across it we wound up with wet feet. That’s no fun at all. We decided we needed some kind of little […]

A Beautiful Day

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Mar 212024

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-70s and lots of blue sky overhead. I keep hoping that this last cold snap we had is it for the year and we’re going to start seeing warmer weather. Of course, that means it will then start getting really hot before too long. There’s just no […]


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Aug 072023

Just how humid does it get here in Alabama in the summertime? A couple of days ago I left my ThermoPro digital thermometer out on the back deck overnight, and this is what I saw when I went took Alli out early the next foggy morning. It didn’t stay that cool for very long. By […]

Saturday’s Project

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Aug 062023

It seems like we’ve always got some kind of project going on around here, whether it be a big one like getting a deck built or rehabbing the barn, or small ones like setting up Terry’s new Ooni wood fired pizza oven. One way or the other, we never get bored. Yesterday’s project was assembling […]

Another One Done

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Aug 052023

Yesterday afternoon I finished Big Lake Assault, the 23rd book in my Big Lake small town mystery series, and my 53rd book overall. It came in at 87,506 words before final editing and proofreading and took just over two months to write. Today I will read through the last two chapters and make any needed corrections […]

Really Good Seafood!

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Aug 042023

Yesterday afternoon Terry had an appointment with Southern Eye Consultants in Tuscaloosa to have plugs put in her eyes. This is something she has to have done every few months because she has severe dry eyes that no drops, even ones by prescription, can relieve. This was her first time there and she was very […]