Jan 222024

As I said in yesterday’s blog, the area at the bottom of our deck steps is muddy, and Alli keeps tracking it inside. So we went to Lowe’s and bought some paver blocks to put there. I’m no block layer, but I was hoping to at least cover up enough of the area that she […]

Anniversary Dinner

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Jan 212024

Even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, the 16th, Terry and I didn’t get around to going out for our anniversary dinner until yesterday, because earlier in the week it was just so darn cold and nasty, and a lot of the roads were icy. Since we spent our 25th anniversary last year moving from […]

And Then The Flood

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Jan 202024

In yesterday’s blog I told you that our weather here in West-Central Alabama was going from freezing to thawing and then back to freezing. At the time I wrote that I had no idea about the flood that would follow. We have two full bathrooms in our house as well as a small half bath […]

Crunching Words

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Nov 132023

We didn’t get all the rain over the weekend that the weatherman had predicted, but every little bit helps. We are supposed to have more rain off and on throughout this coming week, and the temperature has dropped a bit, making it a good time to stay inside and crunch words. And that’s what I’ve […]

Nov 112023

Yesterday was a wet, gray day here in our part of Alabama, but nobody is complaining because we definitely needed it.  We have been under drought conditions for a long time now and everything is so dry that the governor issued a statewide fire ban. We’re supposed to have more rain over the weekend, and […]

Nov 092023

Terry’s parents had to be at the airport in Birmingham by 8:15 yesterday morning to check in for their 10:15 flight. The GPS says it’s about a 90-minute trip but we always believe in giving ourselves some buffer, especially when we might be running into rush hour traffic. It’s always better to be early than […]

That’s A Big Flower!

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Jul 242023

A few months ago when Travis and Geli were helping plant Terry’s garden, they included a few sunflower seeds. Geli loves sunflowers and they have a bunch of them growing at their place. Terry was born in Kansas, the Sunflower State, so they are special to her, too. Not all of the seeds they planted […]

Jul 222023

I knew that blog title would get your attention. You’re just as twisted and sick as I am, aren’t you? That’s why we’re friends. 😊 But before you get to thinking I had a tryst with a waitress named Flo in some greasy spoon cafe, let me explain. The previous owners of our house are […]

Jul 192023

I apologize for not having a blog yesterday but it was beyond our control. We were watching television about 9:30 on Tuesday evening when the power went out. A short but strong storm came through the area with a lot of wind and lightning. It was an offshoot of a bigger storm system that was […]

Oct 182018

I have met a lot of wonderful people in my life and I’ve met some strange ones, too, no question about that. I’ve met people who were friendly, I’ve met people who are rude, I’ve met people who were sad, I’ve met people who were happy, and I’ve met people who were pretty much batshit […]

The Things You See

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Apr 232018

I’ve heard it said many times that to be a good writer you have to be observant of the world around you, and I think that’s probably true. I’ve always been a people watcher. I can remember as a kid seeing someone at the grocery store or walking down the street or wherever, and making […]