Who Needs A Gun?

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Nov 172023

It’s deer season here in Alabama and it will continue in one form or another into February. At different times, hunters can use everything from bows and arrows to muzzle loading black powder rifles to modern firearms. While I don’t hunt anymore, I did in my younger days and I know it’s necessary to keep […]


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Oct 282023

Here is my version of the old Mastercard ads we all used to see on television. House on 8 acres in the country – $319K High tech Garrett metal detector – $569 Bear Legit compound bow – $459 Finding the $6 arrow you lost in the grass – Priceless I said in a blog post […]

Oct 222023

Our son Travis came over yesterday to help me change the blades on my Kubota tractor’s mid-mount mower. What was supposed to be an easy job proved a bit difficult starting out, but we got it done. Well, almost. We started out by jacking the front end of the tractor up and putting jack stands […]

A Play Day

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Feb 212014

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been hitting it pretty hard the last few days and was starting to feel a bit burned out. So I decided to play hooky from my desk and go play yesterday. The four of us left Charles and Chris’ lot in the Yuma Foothills, and after a stop […]

Nov 202013

Most of the folks from the dog show have left the Pima County Fairgrounds and it’s a lot quieter here. The last two mornings the only thing that woke me up was my own snoring. Miss Terry says she doesn’t know which is worse. But the dogs have been replaced by new critters. Last night […]