A Girl Called Alli

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Jun 012023

As I shared with you in a blog titled Is It Time? a while back, we are both animal lovers. But after we lost our last pets, we both decided we were not going to have any more because the heartbreak of losing them is so damned hard. But now that we have plenty of […]

Is It Time?

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May 192023

We are both animal lovers, and in the past, both before and after we were together, we have had cats, dogs, a horse, a goat, a couple of parrots, and tropical fish, to name a few. Terry loves cats and had a magnificent lynk/manx/Himalayan mix named Sasquatch for many years. He got his name because […]

Unique RV Pets

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Aug 062009

It’s no secret that when it comes to critters, I’m prejudiced. I don’t like cats, I’m a dog person. But I don’t like just any dogs. I abhor yappy little mutts that serve no purpose in life except to make noise and waste precious oxygen. An ill mannered dog of any size is not something […]