Apr 122022

Today is going to be a short blog because I’m exhausted. I started taking the pills for the prep for my colonoscopy on Sunday night, but I had to be up again at 5:00 AM yesterday morning to start the second round of them. Between my stomach gurgling from the first set of pills and […]

Past The Halfway Point

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Mar 082022

Yesterday was another day spent working on my new Tinder Street book, The Hard Years. I know some of you are probably tired of hearing about it by now, but that’s what’s taking up most of my time these days. I started the day by making corrections to several chapters that Roberta had sent me […]

Sep 242019

Thank you to everybody who sent text messages and posted on Facebook wishing me well during my procedure yesterday. Everything went fine and now we just wait for the results. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning for my biopsies and neither one of us got much sleep the night […]