May 092024

Cyndi Lauper said it, so it must be true, right? I don’t know about all girls, but these three seem to prove her right. Our critters are always up to something, and they bring a lot of fun into our lives. That’s BeeBee straddling the back of the chair and Mae Lin in the seat. […]

So Many Rabbit Holes

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Apr 292024

The hardest part about writing the Tinder Street series is all the research that has to be done to get the historical events right. Actually, that’s not the hard part, that’s the fun part as far as I’m concerned. The hard part is that there are so many rabbit holes that I find myself going […]

Happy Birthday Geli

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Apr 142024

This is a special day for our family because it’s our daughter-in-law Geli’s birthday. This amazing woman works hard keeping others alive as a nurse, and when she’s not saving lives and comforting those who are ill, you can find her helping our son Travis with their chickens, gardens, beehives, and caning and baking. And […]