The Waiting Game

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Aug 292018

Terry and I were up early yesterday morning because we had two appointments scheduled for 9 a.m. here at the house. Someone from Davis Brothers Heating and Cooling was coming to do the semiannual maintenance on our air conditioner, and a crew from Tropical Garage Doors was coming to install our new insulated garage door. […]

Is It Monday?

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Aug 272018

For some reason it seemed like a very long weekend to both of us, and more than once we found ourselves checking our cell phones for the date or asking each other what day it was. I guess that’s one of the great things about being semi-retired. Except for the occasional doctor’s appointment, we don’t […]

I Spoke Too Soon

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Jul 012017

A couple of days ago I mentioned to somebody that ever since I flushed the coils on our air conditioner/heat pump, and then a week later thoroughly cleaned them with coil cleaner and flushed them again, the unit has been working great. Well, apparently I spoke too soon. When we got up yesterday morning I […]