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  1. Nick, can I download your book onto my iPhone? If so how do I do it?

  2. Sandy,
    You can go to Amazon.com and download the Kindle app to your iPhone for free, and then download the book to your iPhone.

  3. WOW, can’t wait for the sequel to Big Lake. I loved that story!

  4. Nick,

    Is there a version of your book “Big Lake” that is available for my Nook? Thanks


  5. When I downloaded a new update to the Kindle App on my iPhone, the Amazon BUY button no longer exists. Customer service says there is a dispute with Apple & Amazon about sharing revenues … to be continued I suppose!

  6. Just finished Big Lake,first book on my new I-pad.i read all the JA Jance books I can get and Nick I have to tell you this is everybit as intriguing. I started about half way through guessing who was killer and was wrong each time. Great book ,can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Just read the Sample of “Big Lake” on Amazon Lindle. Is there such a place and if so I would love to see it. Be in Arizona for a few months this winter. BTW, bought the book and looking forward to the rest of it. Good Job

  8. Chuck, while there is a body of water in Arizona’s White Mountains called Big Lake, the town itself is an amalgamation of several small towns where I have lived or visted across the American west.

  9. We love Big Lake and can’t wait for your next book!

  10. Hi Nick, is the book available in any other format? ie. epub or pdf for use on other readers?
    Thanks, Neil

  11. Yes, go to http://www.smashwords.com and you can order it in any e-book format you want.

  12. it is too bad that I can read your novels fast than you can write them. Just finished Big Lake Linching. WOW love your work and can’t wait for the next installment. Go get em Sheriff Weber. Also, love the way you kept Parker around. Now, quit reading this and go write. My life is on hold waiting on you.

  13. finished big lake lunching. you nicely put it all together at the end.
    now, the next is when?
    how about a story on the casino in sho low?
    keep it up.

  14. Nick, How do I purchase your e-books on campgrounds in city parks, fairgrounds, and low cost campgrounds? Your e-bookstore does not mention them and yet you comment on your 9 e-books. The e- bookstore only shows the novels and 4 books on fulltiming.

    Thanks for your help.
    Alice Penny

  15. Alice, here is a link to our full RV bookstore. Scroll down toward the bottom for the CD http://gypsyjournal.net/gypsy_journal_book_store.htm

  16. I’d like to see the ebook referred to that makes reference to a “7-in-1” ebook forfree and inexpensive camp grounds, fair grounds, etc.?
    The link doesn’t go there.

  17. Julee, here is a link to our full RV bookstore. Scroll down toward the bottom for the CD http://gypsyjournal.net/gypsy_journal_book_store.htm I’ve received three orders from the link this morning so I am sure it is working. If you have any problems, please e-mail me at editor@gypsyjournal.net

  18. I have been reading your RV blog for a long time and enjoy the adventures. I finished reading Big Lake and now I am half way through Big Lake Lynching. Your books are very riveting and a great read. Looking forward to the sequels and what’s next for Sherrif Webber.

  19. Nick both Kathy and I love your Big Lake and John Lee books but when we went Fulltime the Ones we had went into storage. We collected a few more but are certain we are missing some. Looking on Amazon they have the books listed according to what they say they were written but I’m not sure it’s accurate. Is there some way you could make a list on your Sidebar as a reference so we can fill in the Gaps.
    Loved your travels and still enjoy your posts now that you are stationary with the odd trip thrown in for good measure.

  20. Rick, here you go
    Big Lake Mysteries In Order Of Their Release
    Big Lake
    Big Lake Lynching
    Crazy Days In Big Lake
    Big Lake Blizzard
    Big Lake Scandal
    Big Lake Burning
    Big Lake Honeymoon
    Big Lake Reckoning
    Big Lake Brewpub
    Big Lake Abduction
    Big Lake Celebration
    Big Lake Tragedy
    Big Lake Snowdaze
    Big Lake Fugitive
    Big Lake Wedding
    Big Lake Ninja

  21. I just finished John Lee Book 11. After the book was an excerpt from #12. When can we expect to see it? Is there a mailing list I can sign up for so I get notified when it will be available? Have really enjoyed the John Lee Series and am about to start the Big Lake Series. Keep up the great writing!

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