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A Stormy Sunday

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May 062024

I’m sure glad we got all of our mowing done on Saturday, because all day yesterday we had a series of thunderstorms, with lots of lightning and rain. It was definitely not a day to be working outside! As seems to happen every time we have a bad storm, our T-Mobile internet hotspot went out […]

May 052024

It was a beautiful day yesterday, with temperatures in the mid-80s and a lot of blue sky overhead. A perfect day for mowing, and that’s what we did for most of the day. But before that, I picked a few strawberries from one of Terry’s raised garden beds, and they are sweet and delicious. Terry […]

Bad Timing

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May 042024

Terry and I wanted to get some mowing done yesterday and figured we would wait until the late afternoon or early evening to get started, when it had cooled down a bit. That’s the great thing about this time of year, it stays light longer. I figured that in the meantime I would do some […]

May 032024

Yesterday was interesting in more than one way. Soon after we got up, I took Alli out in the front yard so I could stay in the shaded porch and throw her ball to her. I also gave her a couple of turkey necks, her favorite treat. While we were out there, a county pickup […]

May 022024

Terry has been putting off assembling the last three Vego raised planter beds she ordered a while back because she just has not been feeling up to it. But summertime is here no matter what the calendar says, and it’s only going to get hotter, so yesterday she decided it was time to get it […]

Jumping Joe

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May 012024

Note: Since I’ve spent most of my time writing lately, I don’t have anything new to blog about. So I thought I would repost a blog from 2018 about a small town museum where I learned some things abot my family that I never knew. We have always loved exploring small town museums and have […]

Apr 302024

Here is another blog post from my days publishing small town newspapers. In last week’s Newspaper Days blog, titled Jaws, I mentioned that Westport, Washington, located on the southern opening of Grays Harbor, billed itself as the Salmon Capital of the World in the late 1970s and early 1980s, due to the many charter boats […]

So Many Rabbit Holes

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Apr 292024

The hardest part about writing the Tinder Street series is all the research that has to be done to get the historical events right. Actually, that’s not the hard part, that’s the fun part as far as I’m concerned. The hard part is that there are so many rabbit holes that I find myself going […]

Apr 282024

You know that joke where the Amazon delivery driver knocks on your door to ask if you are okay, saying he’s worried because he hasn’t had a delivery for your house in two days? It’s kind of like that with the UPS man here. We actually have three different UPS delivery drivers, and when we […]

It Grows Fast!

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Apr 272024

In a blog post titled Books And Bees 10 days ago, I wrote that we had mowed our lawns and most of the main pasture, leaving the area where Terry’s fruit trees are untouched because it was full of clover that the bees were happily enjoying. I also left the back pasture behind the barn […]

Friday Q&A

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Apr 262024

I’m back with more questions from blog readers about RVing, my writing activities, what’s happening in our lives since we hung up the keys, and all kinds of other things. While I try to answer all questions individually, I also share some here occasionally. Q. You wrote about the Real Relax massage chair that Terry […]

An Outside Day

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Apr 252024

The weather was beautiful yesterday, with a high in the upper 70s, which made it a great day for working outside. Like most people in the rural South, we have a burn barrel, though I would much rather recycle whenever I can. The problem is that nobody in Alabama seems to understand or care about […]

Apr 242024

Yesterday was a busy day, and I actually managed to get quite a lot accomplished. The audiobook of A Changing World, the fifth book in my Tinder Street family saga, has been stuck in a bottleneck on Amazon for about a week now. They finally got that resolved, and it is now available to purchase. […]

Apr 232024

Here is another blog post from my days publishing small town newspapers. I started my first newspaper when I was in my mid-20s, in Grays Harbor, Washington. The harbor is the largest natural deepwater port on the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco, and has been an important shipping center since the days of the […]

First Rose Of Spring

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Apr 222024

Except for a pretty stiff breeze, yesterday was very nice here in west-central Alabama. There was lots of blue sky and the temperature was somewhere in the mid-60s. And if we can believe the weatherman, we won’t have any more precipitation until the weekend. Hopefully things will dry out a little bit between now and […]

Class Clown

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Apr 212024

Since I’m a bit of a clown myself, it shouldn’t surprise anybody that my dog is also the class clown. When she’s not chasing a ball or waiting for us to throw one for her, Alli is either playing with Mae Lin, one of Terry’s cats, or out in the backyard trying to catch a […]

One More To Go

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Apr 202024

Yesterday I uploaded the audiobook of The Hard Years, the fourth book in my Tinder Street family saga, and it is now available on Amazon and That leaves just one more audiobook in the Tinder Street series to be formatted and uploaded, A Changing World, at least for the time being. Somebody asked if […]

Another Audiobook

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Apr 192024

Yesterday I uploaded the audiobook of Boom And Bust, the third book in my Tinder Street family saga, and it is now available on Amazon and I hope to get the fourth and fifth books in the series uploaded in the next few days. I also uploaded the print edition of Big Lake Accident […]

Books And Bees

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Apr 172024

For the last three weeks or so, we have been commenting on how high the grass is getting in our front and side yards, and in the pasture. It was definitely time to mow the grass, however there is so much clover out there feeding the bees that we kept putting it off. We finally […]