We Have Moved

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Jan 012011

We welcome in the new year with a new address for the blog.

Chris Guld, from Geeks on Tour has been working hard to get the new blog layout formatted and ready to go. As I wrote in an earlier blog post, Changes Are Coming, we are in the process of moving all of our websites away from the Yahoo servers, which have given us repeated problems over the years, and which limited the number of blog subscribers we could have.

To access our new blog and today’s post Another One Bites The Dust, please go to our NEW BLOG ADDRESS and bookmark it for future access. If you are already a blog subscriber, you will have to subscribe to the new address for your daily blog feed.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Norcold Nonsense

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Dec 312010

We were up and busy early yesterday morning getting our motorhome ready to go to our appointment at Camping Connection to get our new door lock installed, and to have our second Norcold refrigerator recall work done. We left the Thousand Trails campground a little after 8:30 to be at the shop for our 9 […]

Dec 302010

Yesterday we felt like we were going in two directions at once. We had to drive into Orlando to pick up the pre-printed envelopes from the mail service, and even though it was only 27 miles, it took us well over an hour to get there. We left the Thousand Trails campground about 11:15 and […]

Where Did The Day Go?

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Dec 302010

Sometimes I don’t have anything special to write about, because a lot of the time, living in an RV is just like living in a house or apartment. We do chores, we goof off, we visit friends, and before we know it, the day is gone. Yesterday was a good example. My friend Dave Damon […]

Changes Are Coming

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Dec 282010

It was another chilly day here at the Orlando Thousand Trails campground, so we spent most of the day at home. The bad news is that being stuck inside too long really gives me cabin fever. But, the good news is that we’re getting a lot of things accomplished. Yesterday I found a mail service […]

I Shall Not Snivel

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Dec 272010

Yes, it’s miserably cold here in central Florida. Yes, I am chilled to the bone. Yes, it sucks. But I shall not snivel. Yesterday evening we watched news coverage of the blizzard that is blanketing the east coast, and all of those folks stranded in airports, and others who were busy shoveling snow, or getting […]