Brutal Heat

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Jun 152024

We’re experiencing a brutal heat wave here in west central Alabama. The high temperature yesterday was 88° with a heat index of 93, and according to the weatherman, it’s going to get worse. Next week it looks like daily temperatures will be close to the triple digits, and that doesn’t factor in the high  humidity!

I have used the time to get a lot of writing done, turning out just under 3,500 words in my new Tinder Street book on Thursday.

However, yesterday was not a writing day because I had a lot of other things to do. One was quite a bit of research on the Women Air Service Pilots (WASP) of World War II. These were the women that volunteered to fly airplanes from factories to military bases, test fly airplanes after they were repaired, and tow aerial targets for live fire gunnery practice. Last week I mentioned a great book called The Women With The Silver Wings about these brave Americans who battled not only the challenges of flying everything from fighter aircraft to huge bombers, but also a lot of prejudice from men who didn’t believe women belonged in the cockpits of airplanes. That wasn’t just the mindset of the military. At one time the government did not want women to be allowed to fly during their menstrual cycle because the loss of blood might make them lightheaded. It didn’t take long to shoot that idea down, fortunately.

We also had some deliveries arriving yesterday, including two tires for the Husqvarna riding lawnmower. I mentioned last week that we had a tire I couldn’t repair, and buying one locally was ungodly expensive. For what any of the local shops wanted for just a tire and then for mounting it on my rim, I was able to buy two tires already on rims from Amazon. Someone had suggested putting foam in the tires, but of all of the shops I talked to locally, only one had ever heard of it, but they didn’t do it.

Another delivery was a Gamma2 dog food storage container. It holds up to 50 pounds of dry dog food, but actually has a smaller footprint than the big bags of dog food I’ve been buying for Alli. And because it has a screw top lid, it keeps the food fresh, and ants and other critters from getting to it.

One problem we have purchasing online here is that Amazon sends everything they can by way of the post office. However, depending which mail carrier is on the job, sometimes they will not deliver anything large. For example, I ordered an aluminum alloy snake grabber, which weighs almost nothing, and it was supposed to come on Wednesday. But we had a different driver on Wednesday, and she will not bring anything that doesn’t fit in the mailbox. So I had to go to the post office to pick up the snake grabber. Our regular driver, who was on duty yesterday, brought the tires, which were in a big box and much heavier, and drove up the driveway to drop them off.

I got the snake grabber because this area is full of snakes, including venomous copperheads, cottonmouth water moccasins, and rattlers. So far, I haven’t seen anything dangerous on the property but I know they’re around and I want to be able to deal with them.

Like several German shepherds I have had, Alli is prone to carsickness. So occasionally I take her with me on short drives, stopping to let her out for a break before we come back home. I did that when I went to the post office, and she loves sitting in the passenger seat of the Pacifica, looking at the world going by. Unlike other dogs I have known, she doesn’t want the window down so she can stick her head out. I think maybe the noise of the wind scares her. I let her out to do some sniffing when I got to the post office, then put her back inside the van and turned off the engine and locked the doors with her in it. Then I used the remote starter on the key fob to turn it back on. That keeps the air conditioning running, but locks the gear shift so nobody can get in the van and drive away with it, and Alli can’t accidentally turn the knob to put it in gear. I wouldn’t do that for very long, especially in hot weather, but it was just a quick trip in and out, no more than two minutes total. She did fine going and coming, and I’m hoping as I continue taking her on short rides like that she will eventually build up more of a tolerance and not get sick.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – A mind without a challenge is a dangerous thing.

Nick Russell

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  1. By installing Static Straps on your vehicles, Ali would not suffer from Motion Sickness, you won’t feel tired after long trips, and you won’t be nodding off behind the wheel.
    You should be able to trigger the remote start, without shutting your engine. Then when returning, simply use your fob to unlock the vehicle before using the key in the ignition to drive away.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. I just got a used copy of the book you recommended, The Women With Silver Wings. Mike uses “slime” in some of the side by side tires and our lawnmowers if he can’t fix a leak.

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