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May 102024

Overall, we live a blessed life. We have a nice home, some critters we adore, friends and family we love, and a wonderful marriage. But even in the best of lives, some days are going to suck. Yesterday was a good example.

Terry had not been feeling great for several days and my back had been giving me fits, but by yesterday afternoon we were both feeling somewhat better. Not like we were kids again, but not bad for old farts. We needed to get some grocery shopping done, so we left the house mid-afternoon to go to Publix.

I had mentioned to Terry that I wanted to get another yellow diesel fuel can so I would have two whenever the Kubota tractor needed fuel. We saw an O’Reilly Auto Parts on the way and pulled in, and I left Terry in the truck with it running because it was a very hot day. After I bought the can and came back out and got in the truck, I backed out and started to pull out of the parking lot, and as I did,  another customer began backing out and backed right into the side of our Ram pickup.

It caved in the bottom of the passenger side rear door and part of the fender behind it. The man who hit us got out and immediately began apologizing, saying it was all his fault. I told him that things happen, and as long as nobody was hurt, the rest could be worked out. He called the police department, and while we were waiting for an officer to arrive, he mentioned that he had been a sheriff’s deputy in the area for a while.

It probably took half an hour or so for the officer to get there, and he knew the man who hit us. He told the officer that it was his fault, that he had backed right into us without looking, we exchanged insurance information, and the officer gave us a case number and sent us on our way. I called our insurance agent and we have to pick up a copy of the police report sometime next week and take it to them, and then they will get the ball rolling on making sure we get taken care of. Since the fellow who hit us has insurance and admitted fault, our agent didn’t think it would be a problem, just an inconvenience.

The weatherman had threatened storms Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but they didn’t develop. However, by the time we got our shopping done it was late in the afternoon and our phones were giving us alerts for severe weather in our area. Sure enough, about ten miles from home it began pouring, with lots of thunder and lightning.

We got home, and by the time the groceries were unloaded we were both soaked to the skin. After we had changed into dry clothes and everything was put away we just had sandwiches for dinner, and not long after we ate the power went out. Fortunately, our Generac whole house generator system kicked in, and as I write this it’s humming along out there and we have plenty of power here in the house.

About 11 o’clock I took the trash can out to the curb and by then it had stopped raining, but the news said we could expect some more possibly severe storms overnight. We have our weather radio and phones set for alert, but hopefully it will pass over us without any problems.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – There are over seven billion people in the world and I can only tolerate like six of them.

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  1. shit happens!

  2. You can blame it on solar flares unless somebody hit a telephone pole
    Planet Earth is getting rocked by the biggest solar storm in decades.
    Late Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared that the Earth was experiencing a G5, or “Extreme,” geomagnetic storm. This is the first G5 storm to hit the planet since 2003.
    NOAA warns several waves of flares will slam into the Earth over the next few hours and days, potentially disrupting communications and navigation, triggering power outages and damaging satellites. The 2003 event briefly knocked out power in part of Sweden and damaged electrical transformers in South Africa.
    NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center says that this latest storm may induce auroras visible as far south as Northern California and Alabama.
    On social media, posters were putting up photos of bright auroras visible across Russia, Scandinavia, the U.K. and continental Europe. Some reported seeing the aurora as far south as Mallorca, Spain.
    The source of the solar storm is a cluster of sunspots on the sun’s surface that is 17 times the diameter of the earth. The spots are filled with tangled magnetic fields that can act as slingshots, throwing huge quantities of charged particles towards our planet. These events, known as Coronal Mass Ejections, become more common during the peak of the Sun’s 11-year solar cycle.
    Usually, they miss the Earth, but this time, NOAA says several are headed directly towards our planet.

  3. One of those days, huh? Well, I commiserate, my friend. We all have them, that’s for sure. Take Terri out [or you cook] for a good dinner, put some music on the stereo, and do some dancing in the front room, and all will be well.

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