A Minor Fender Bender?

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May 292024

A couple of weeks ago, someone backed into our Ram pickup as we were leaving a parking lot. Since neither of us was going very fast, all we saw was some damage to the passenger side rear door and fender. It looked like a minor fender bender to me, and the other driver quickly admitted he was at fault, and told the police officer who responded the same thing. The next morning his insurance company was on the phone with me, making arrangements to get the truck repaired.

Yesterday was the earliest appointment we could get, and I dropped it off at the body shop in the morning. As I said, it didn’t look terribly damaged to me, but the estimator at the body shop said the whole door needed to be replaced, as well as the running board and the rear tire on that side. He said he would call me in the afternoon with an estimate for repairs and a timeline.

Sure enough, he called in the afternoon and said we’re looking at a little over $6,000 for the repair bill, and it could take as much as four weeks because they have to order a replacement door. I’m sure glad the other guy’s insurance company acknowledges their liability and is picking up the whole tab. They offered to give me a rental car, but we have the van and the Mustang, so I told them that wasn’t necessary. The body shop comes highly recommended, with a lot of good reviews, so I am hoping for the best results.

When we got home from dropping the truck off, Terry had to turn right around and leave for a dentist appointment. While she was there, she asked about an appointment to get her teeth cleaned. They had a cancellation later in the afternoon, so she came home for a while and then went back to have that done. While she was gone, I made the changes to the last few chapters in my new Tinder Street book that proofreader Judy Rinehimer suggested. When I was finished with that, I worked on the timeline for the next couple of years that the book will cover until Terry came home.

One of my favorite foods is fried chicken, and she made delicious fried chicken breasts along with baked potatoes and veggies for dinner. You can’t beat a meal like that, or a cook as pretty as Miss Terry.

So what else is going on? The other day we put some more soil and Black Kow in Terry’s three new raised planter beds, along with some other goodies to help things get off to a good start, and then she put the plants in them.

Once that was done, we put bedding straw on top of everything. It helps keep the moisture in and helps protect the young plants from the harshy sun while they get established.

Speaking of the sun, our granddaughter Destiny went fishing over the weekend and got a whopper of a sunburn. But she said they caught 30 fish, so it was worth it. I don’t think so. I’ve had some bad sunburns in my time, and there are not enough fish in the world to make it worth the pain.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I’m giving my wife a bikini wax for the first time. Should I wake her up or let it be a surprise?

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  1. Oh Destiny – I hope you were able to some aloe or other burn gel on. I hurt just seeing you. Sending hugs and prayers for no blisters and little pain.

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