So Many Rabbit Holes

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Apr 292024

The hardest part about writing the Tinder Street series is all the research that has to be done to get the historical events right. Actually, that’s not the hard part, that’s the fun part as far as I’m concerned. The hard part is that there are so many rabbit holes that I find myself going down in the course of the research. They are interesting and a lot of fun, too, but I have to drag myself back out of them and get back to work. That’s the hard part.

The current book in the series, The War Years, covers America’s involvement in World War II. I’ve written before about being surprised to learn how unprepared we were, and how our army ranked so far below most of the other armies of the world. During those days, America depended on its isolation for defense as much as anything else. Then when we realized we were going to be in the war whether we liked it or not, there was a massive mobilization like none before in history.

In my latest research, I went down a rabbit hole reading about women called Allotment Annies, who married soldiers to take advantage of the government benefits afforded to military spouses, including a monthly allotment and a large insurance payout if he was killed in combat. Apparently, it could be very lucrative, and some women married more than one soldier or sailor, drawing extra benefits in each one’s name.

One such woman, Elvira Taylor, married six different sailors. Ironically, her scam came to light when two American sailors on shore liberty were in an Australian pub and got to talking and shared pictures of their wives, only to discover it was the same woman!

Not to be outdone, an Indianapolis woman named Vivian Eggers married seven soldiers, including two of them on the same day. Talk about multitasking!

These women defended what they were doing by claiming they were being patriotic! When arrested for her crimes, one Allotment Annie said that she wasn’t doing anything wrong, she was just giving our brave fighting boys someone to think about when they were overseas battling the enemy, and a reason to come home. Of course, she didn’t mention that if they didn’t make it back, she would receive a heck of a windfall.

It’s interesting to note that this wasn’t just a World War II thing. When I was in training during the Vietnam War, it was well known that there were women around every base that wanted to marry a GI so she could get his benefits. A lot of those marriages never lasted. Gee, I wonder why?

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 And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Decaffeinated coffee is as useless as a hooker who only wants to cuddle.

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  1. Talk about an extended Family in a financial way.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy going down those rabbit holes.

    It’s about time.

  2. After her divorce, Larry’s cousin married someone in a marriage of convenience. It gave him a place to stay when home from the military and it gave her his benefits, etc. I think they eventually divorced when they no longer needed each other. I’m not sure how it all ended up.

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