It Grows Fast!

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Apr 272024

In a blog post titled Books And Bees 10 days ago, I wrote that we had mowed our lawns and most of the main pasture, leaving the area where Terry’s fruit trees are untouched because it was full of clover that the bees were happily enjoying. I also left the back pasture behind the barn untouched.

It’s amazing how fast the grass grows here. All that grass we cut is already long again, and the yellow wildflowers and clover are coming back in the same areas.

Meanwhile, the area where the fruit trees are was getting so overgrown that we had to do something about it, and the road across the back end of the pasture was completely overgrown again. Yes, that quickly.

After quick trip to town yesterday morning for a doctor’s appointment, when we got home I got on the tractor and used the belly mower to mow the road again. Then I decided that with all of the new clover and flowers that had come up in the pasture and front and side yards, I could mow the area with the fruit trees and the bees would still have plenty to keep them going.

As it turns out, I probably should have put the bush hog mower on the back of the tractor, because the grass and clover were so high that I really had to struggle with the belly mower to get it cut.

Someone asked if we have beehives. No, we don’t. Our son Travis and his wife Geli do, at their place several miles away. I don’t know where these bees are coming from. Possibly someone’s hives nearby, or they may well be wild, for all I know. But I know how important those little pollinators are to life on earth, and I try to give them every break I can.

We had seen several areas where the grass was flattened where the deer were bedding down, and in one area between the fruit trees and the barn, where the grass was as tall as Alli, I spooked two cute little fawns. According to everything I’ve read, our whitetail deer population usually doesn’t drop fawns until late July to mid-August, although it’s not unheard of for them to give birth as early as April. I’m sure the fawns’ mama was somewhere around and moved them someplace away from me and my noisy tractor.

We did notice that the deer had chewed up several of Terry’s fruit trees, killing a couple of them. We like seeing all the deer in the evening and early morning, but they can be destructive.

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Thought For The Day – Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

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  1. I’m surprised that the fawns drop so late down there in AL. Here in MI they are generally born in May and some in June.

  2. Why all the fuss about bees? You live in the country. They will find other flowers. Just mow it all and be done with it.

  3. Lowes has a product for repelling deer (Bonide Repels All) – I believe it’s natural, sure does smell so make sure you’re upwind when using it. We lost all the leaves on our weeping cherry the first year and since then w/the spray, we’ve not had any nibblers bothering it. Good luck.

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