Not A Fun 24 Hours

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Mar 272024

Sunday night and Monday were not the best 24 hours in my life. In fact, they were no fun at all.

About bedtime on Sunday evening, I started experiencing some difficulty in urinating and it continued all night, along with a lot of pain, and blood when I went to the bathroom. The first thing Monday morning I called my doctor’s office, and they said to go to the closest ER immediately.

That was at the hospital in Northport, about a half hour drive from our house. Terry drove because I was in no condition to, and when we got to the hospital, the emergency room was packed with people waiting to be treated for various ailments. Terry checked me in, then we had to wait about two hours before I was called back to triage. After explaining my symptoms, I was sent back to the ER to wait some more. After another couple of hours, they took me back again and did a CT scan because they thought it was probably a kidney stone.

Once that was done, the nurse gave me an IV with medicines for pain and to stop the bladder spasms, which helped a lot. After a couple more hours in an exam room, the doctor came in and said that the CT scan showed no evidence of kidney stones, so they thought it was a bad urinary tract infection. They put some more meds in the IV along with liquids for hydration, and once that was complete, they sent me home. Altogether, we were there for over seven hours.

They gave me two prescriptions and a referral to a urologist. By the time we left the hospital the pharmacy was closed, so we had to wait until yesterday morning for Terry to go to town and get them filled. I am feeling considerably better today and have an appointment with the urologist for early April.

In other news, living in the country means we are surrounded by all kinds of bugs all the time. While we have a professional spray the place twice a year, enough of them still find their way inside that it’s an annoyance. Last week, our son Travis told us about some plug in flying insect traps and said he and his wife were having good results with them at their house. So I ordered a set of four Veyofly traps from Amazon. They plug into an electrical outlet and put out a blue light that is supposed to attract flying insects. The bugs are caught on a replaceable sticky card that is inserted into the top of the trap. I’ve noticed a couple of insects that got caught so far, so they seem to be working.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – I got thrown out of the grocery store today when I tried to unionize everyone using the self-checkout.

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  4 Responses to “Not A Fun 24 Hours”

  1. Definitely a painful condition, I’m sure they told you to stay hydrated! Feel better

  2. sorry to hear about your UTI. I have had a few of them. keep hydrated! One of mine turned into a Sepsis infection that had me in Intensive care for a few days so watch out for that. If you get a fever and start having uncontrollable shaking go to the ER immediately.
    Hope you get it knocked down soon.

  3. Hope you continue to recover from the UTI and that the visit to the urologist is a good one.

  4. So sorry about your ordeal. It’s awful to wait and excruciating when you’re in pain. Glad you are feeling better.

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