Nobody Reads Anymore

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Mar 172024

Note: This is a repeat of a previous blog post that I thought was worth sharing again.

As an author, and as someone who loves to read, I am constantly perplexed why anybody would not want to. And sometimes it’s depressing. All that time spent sitting in a classroom learning how to read, and so few actually do it.

When we were traveling on the road as fulltime RVers publishing the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper, we had vendor booths at RV rallies all over the country for many years. You would be surprised at how many people declined a free sample copy, saying something like, “I haven’t read anything since I got out of school, and I never plan to.” Others would simply say, “I don’t read.” A couple of times when Miss Terry got weary of hearing that response, she would give them her prettiest smile and say, “That’s okay, they have classes for adults to learn how to do that now.”

And even many of those who do read don’t actually take the time to understand what they are looking at. I blame part of this on social media. There is so much to see that they just skim through everything without giving their eyes or their brains time enough to actually absorb the message. I once posted the following comment on Facebook: When the time comes, I support mandatory vacations for everyone. If anyone refuses, they should be forced!

The responses left me shaking my head. One person told me I was becoming a Communist and he was never going to read my Facebook posts or the blog anymore. Someone else said that this is America, and nobody has to get a vacation if he doesn’t want one. It was his body and nobody was putting that poison in it. A longtime “friend” told me that I was a disgrace to the American flag. I told him to go back and actually read what I had posted, and he replied a moment later saying that he had read it, and I could stick my vacation where the sun don’t shine, because nobody could make him take a shot if he didn’t want it, and it was treasonous to try to push that on anybody. He suggested I might be much happier in Russia. Okay, fine, have a nice day, comrade.

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Thought For The Day – At some point in your childhood, you and your friends went outside to play together for the last time, and nobody knew it

Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “Nobody Reads Anymore”

  1. Great post and totally agree. If my grandmother was still alive, she’d say that social media is the work of the Devil. People used to visit friends and neighbors. And also used to care for same. Now everyone is wrapped up in I, me….

  2. Margie Rodgers

    Nick, I love to read and I read everyday and sometimes finish a book in one day. I just wish more people read, too! It’s almost like a lost art, like cursive writing. How many young people know cursive? It used to be taught in our schools but not any more. Happy reading!!

  3. Yes, spelling is so very important. 🤣🤣

  4. Some years back there was a guy with a blog, useful information and usually entertaining, then he got into videos (Youtube). After awhile he dropped the blog and I asked him why, he said no one reads anymore but his audience ballooned when he went to Youtube.
    Times change.

  5. Hopefully this link will work. Besides you, one of my favorite authors in Kindle is B J Bourg. His “Clint Wolf” and “London Carter ” series are phenomenal. Once I go through a series, my wife then goes through them. She’s about to start the Big Lake Series as I’m nearly ending John Lee. Thank you for your awesome writing!!!!

  6. Rick, thank you for yur kind words. I am also a fan of BJ Bourg. He’s a fine writer and knows how to keep me turning the pages.
    I am almost done with my next Big Lake book and still have more book in both the Big Lake and John Lee Quarrels series planned.

  7. You are the man!

  8. Vacations or vaccinations.

  9. Susan, that was the point.Many people don’t read at all and many people don’t see what they actually read.

  10. Thank heaven for Kindle and computers that enlarge printing on screen. At 85 I still don’t need glasses for driving but up close reading does constitute me wear them. The trouble is (my opinion) everything important is getting smaller, from instructions on medicine to operating any electrical or mechanical gadget. The branding and advertising stays large but I need a magnifying glass to read how to open the medicine bottle. And what doses to take, your guess is as good as mine whether it is one teaspoon, one tablespoon or one gallon. Here’s looking at you. At least I can still read, and see you all/ no not from the South, just like the way it sounds even though it is spelled differently. lol

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