A Few Too Many

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Mar 202024

For quite a while now, Terry has been experiencing pain in her right elbow that is exacerbated when she tries to lift anything. At our last doctor’s appointment, they gave her a steroid shot and prescribed Prednisone tablets. She was instructed to take two pills once a day for a week and then one pill a day for another week, for a total of 21 pills. But when she received the prescription, there were 84 pills. A few too many.

Terry was confused about what she was supposed to do with the others, so when I went to Pickens County Primary Care yesterday to get my weekly B12 shot, I inquired. They said they weren’t surprised the pharmacy messed up, it’s not all that uncommon. Since medicine can’t be returned, someone there suggested we hang onto the extra pills and that Terry can take another two-week regimen of them if needed. They also said they work good for Poison Ivy, in case we get tangled up with that, since that would be what they prescribe. I’ve only encountered Poison Ivy once, and I never want to again. But if it happens, I guess having the pills will come in handy.

While I did that, Terry was busy editing and proofing six more chapters of my new Big Lake book. When I got home, I made her changes and then sent the chapters off to Judy and Roberta for them to proofread. I’m well over 75,000 words now and should be able to wrap it up soon. I’m looking forward to getting this book out, then I will start on The War Years, the sixth book in the Tinder Street family saga.

In a blog post a while back, I mentioned that when we order dog food from Amazon, instead of coming by UPS, it now gets taken to the post office, where we have to go pick it up because the mail carrier says it’s too heavy. I said at the time that if I have to go all the way to the post office to pick it up, I might as well drive into town and just buy it at one of the local stores. Several blog readers suggested we try Chewy.com, saying that it’s delivered right to the door by FedEx or UPS. We decided to give it a shot, and Terry placed an order a couple of days ago. She got a message that it would be delivered today. That’s good service, if you ask me.

Speaking of good service, I also had to call Cove because one of the door sensors for our security system was only working intermittently. The first time I called, they talked me through how to reset the sensor and it worked for a day or two and then started acting up again. So when I called yesterday, they said no problem, they were putting a new one in the mail this morning.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – When you find a good wife, you not only get a best friend and companion, you also receive a driving instructor for life!

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  1. I have found that pharmacies not only make mistakes, they refuse to admit it when that happens! My prescription was for 270 pills (3/day, 90 days), but there were only 90 in the container. I didn’t notice it til the 30 days were up……… I trusted them! When I requested the 180 pills, they refused to admit they had made an error. (I even showed them the tiny container they had used…… no way 270 pills would have fit in there, but they claimed they could fit that many in!) Anyway, they did give me 10 days worth….. for a fee, of course. (I had taken my husband’s unused identical prescription for a while…… I know that’s a “no–no” but it worked for me) We’re now on the right track, but I now know to check every prescription for accuracy! And I never trust that pharmacy again…… always check them.

  2. Poison ivy… I found that straight white vinegar poured on FRESH poison ivy exposure will kill it. I used to keep a jug with my working in the woods stuff.

  3. Prednisone is good for a variety of things–gout for one–but you must be careful to take it as prescribed. I cancelled our Amazon Prime for that very reason–I’m not paying their price AND going to the post office to retrieve my own packages!

  4. Keep an eye on your blood sugars if you have to take Prednisone. I only have diabetic symptoms when I am on it. I am currently taking it and my blood sugars have been in the mid-300s to over 600 (my glucometer doesn’t give an exact number for readings over 600). Hopefully, you will be okay with just a short time of taking it, but I just wanted to make you aware. We all want you and Miss Terry around for as long as possible.

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