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Feb 162024

We were on the go for much of yesterday, running errands and getting things done. Our first stop was at the post office in Gordo to pick up an Amazon package that they wouldn’t deliver because it was too heavy, at about 40 pounds. The lady at the post office said that Amazon is shipping a lot more stuff through them now instead of UPS. Actually, it does ship by UPS from Amazon, but it’s taken to the post office for local delivery. My question is, if it’s too heavy for the post office to deliver, why are they accepting it?

From there we drove into Northport for an appointment Terry had at Southern Eye Consultants to get plugs in her tear ducts. She has chronic dry eye, and no kind of drops relieves it, so every three months she getse new plugs put into her tear ducts to keep things from drying up. It sounds pretty gruesome to me, but Terry said it is very simple and only takes a couple of seconds to do both eyes.

I also had an appointment for a routine eye exam scheduled for March 13th, but while we were there I asked to reschedule it because that is the day our daughter Tiffany and granddaughter Destiny will be flying back to Arizona after their visit with us. Their flight leaves in the morning and the appointment was in the afternoon, but I didn’t want to take any chance of a delay messing things up and causing me to miss the appointment. While she was setting up a new appointment for me, the lady at the office told me that she always has people fly in and out of Atlanta instead of Birmingham because overall it’s about $50 cheaper. I asked her how long it took to drive to Atlanta and she said three hours there and three hours back. So six hours of your time to save fifty bucks? That doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me.

Since we hadn’t had breakfast, when we were done with the eye clinic we decided to go to Applebee’s for a late lunch. I had the three cheese penne pasta with grilled chicken and Terry had a quesadilla salad with grilled chicken. Our server was a wonderful young woman with a great sense of humor, and the food was wonderful. By the time we walked out of there Terry had been plugged and stuffed, all in one day.

I had noticed that there was a gun shop not far from where we were, so we went to check it out. That is never a good idea because I always find something I didn’t know I really needed until I saw it. They had a couple of interesting pieces there, but I really don’t need another gun, do I? I don’t, right? Are you sure?

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – Never ask a starfish for directions.

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  1. It’s nice to know that the USPS can compete with private companies –
    mostly employing quality personnel, including a lot of veterans!

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