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Feb 022024

I recently acquired a couple of nifty new tools to make life easier around here that I thought I would tell you about today.

The first was a set of four Rhino USA retractable ratchet tie down straps. I have always had a love/hate relationship with ratchet straps. They are great for securing loads, but I’ve never found a set yet that I could get to release without a struggle and rolling them up always results in a tangled mess. So when I saw these retractable ratchet straps, I was impressed. All you have to do is push the release lever and they roll right up, nice and neat, with no problems. The straps have padded handles, are rated for 1200 pounds, and come with a handy carrying bag. I’m always hauling something and know they will come in handy.

The other new tool is a Yard Glider. The best way to describe this is a cart without wheels that you can use to haul anything from yard debris to railroad ties. While I have a small utility trailer, as well as a dump bed on the Kawasaki Mule, the Yard Glider is quick and easy to use because I can roll or rake just about anything onto it, preventing a lot of back pain and strain. It’s made of a heavy-duty material called HDPE, will carry up to 1500 pounds, and can be pulled by a riding lawn mower, ATV, truck, or tractor.

It came rolled up and took two of us to unroll it and lay it down flat on one of our decks, then we put some heavy weights on it to hold it in place for 24 hours to flatten it out.

Yesterday I used it to move some old boards leftover from where we had the hay sheds taken down and it worked great. I can think of a dozen or more jobs this will make easier around the property. I know some people use tarps to drag things, but they don’t last long. This thing is so sturdy it will probably outlive me and my grandkids.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – A good neighbor always knows when to visit and when to leave.

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  1. Terry always hated dealing with the ratchet straps, having to sort them out before he could use one. I took one look at it and came up with a solution. I roll the strap around itself and then slip it into an old sock. Keeps it nice and tidy and I came toss them in a box or bag. They don’t come unraveled and I don’t have any trouble with them even with my arthritis. I had never used them before and watched You Tube videos to learn how to operate them. The Rhinos look nice, but mine are doing fine.

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