An Entire Tower?

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Feb 082024

No matter where you go in America, small town or big city, thieves are always hard at work. We’ve all heard news stories about people stealing catalytic converters from automobiles and copper wire from air conditioning units. But some Alabama crooks have taken things to a whole new level.

AM radio station WJLX, located in the small town of Jasper, about 40 miles northwest of Birmingham, recently reported that a 200-foot-tall broadcast tower had been stolen. You read that right, the whole darn tower is gone! How does that even happen?

According to station manager Brett Elmore, the thieves broke into a building at the site and made away with several thousand dollars worth of equipment, as well as cutting the tower’s guy-wires and taking the tower with them, too. Elmore said that in his 26 years in the radio business, he had never heard of such a thing. In all my years in the newspaper business and beyond, neither have I. How did nobody notice this happening? It’s not like they grabbed a computer and threw it in the back seat of a car and drove off. The thing was 200 feet tall!

If and when the thieves get caught, and I hope they do catch these guys, they could be facing harsh penalties, because radio stations are a federally licensed facility, making it a federal crime.

Now I have to figure out how to work this into one of my mystery novels. No, never mind. Nobody would ever believe it. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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Thought For The Day – Some people just suck the nice right out of you.

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  1. The reason why they didn’t realize that it was stolen is because it’s an a.m. station. Nobody listens to a.m. anymore. Actually some radios don’t even have that feature anymore.
    That would’ve been a great YouTube video.. Two Alabama rednecks Vernon and Ralph show….. OK Ralph, we gotta cut this 200 foot tower in 8 foot sections… Nobody will notice it in the back of a pick up truck . We could take it home put it in the backyard and make a great TV or CB antenna

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