Jan 102024

In yesterday’s blog I told you about how hard Terry worked closing in one end of the area under our office in time to beat the storm that was coming Monday evening, and how we (mostly she) got the job done just about the time the raindrops started to fall. But we weren’t the only ones racing the clock and the storm.

In my blog on New Year’s Day, I talked about new projects we have planned, and told you that one of them was taking down a couple of old hay sheds at the back end of our pasture. They are in bad shape and we never plan to have horses or any other kind of livestock, so they are not needed. And having them gone will make it easier to mow back there.

A while back, we met a couple named Wayne and Anita, who supplement their income by collecting scrap metal for recycling, and they have come by a couple of times to pick up metal that I have found lying around the property. The last time they were here, I asked if they wanted to take down the hay sheds and salvage the sheet metal for recycling and they were eager to do so. Not just for recycling, but because they can use some of it for a project at their house. So Monday afternoon, while we were working on closing in under the office, they came by and started taking down the first shed, which was basically a tin roof supported by some 4×4 uprights. One end had a gaping hole in the roof.

Wayne and Anita are not spring chickens by any means, but they’re the kind of people who grew up with a work ethic, and they got right to it. It didn’t take long before I looked back and the shed was coming down.

They finished getting it down and secured everything so it wouldn’t blow away just about the time that Terry and I knocked off and the rain started falling. Weather permitting, they will be back sometime this week to start on the next shed.

As far as the storm itself went, we had a lot of wind and rain, and quite a bit of thunder and lightning throughout the night. The wind was still blowing when I took Alli out yesterday morning, though not nearly as hard. I was pleased to see that we didn’t have any trees or limbs down.

I was even more pleased to see that all the time and money we spent on having French drains put in and the back yard regraded last Spring seems to have helped. Before we had that done, we would always have a big pool of water on the side of our house where our bedroom is, and more standing water in the backyard, as well as in the front yard, to to a lesser extent. There was not much noticeable water in the backyard, and none on the side of the house or in the front yard. What a nice improvement!

We are supposed to have a couple of clear days today and tomorrow before another storm system comes in on Friday, and then next week we are supposed to see overnight lows in the low-teens. I’m not looking forward to that!

But it could be worse. Our daughter Tiffany called from Arizona yesterday evening to tell us they had over a foot of snow at her place. I’m glad we’re not dealing with that.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have started asking humans to prove that they aren’t a robot.

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