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Jan 062024

As I shared with you before, the room at the back of our house that we use as our office was once a deck or porch that some former owner enclosed. While it’s roomy enough for both of us to have our desks in here, and there are plenty of windows giving us great views out onto the pasture and the back of our property, it also gets very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer.

Part of that is due to all the windows, of course, but also because I don’t think they put any insulation at all in when they enclosed things. We definitely know they didn’t under the floor, because it was just wood.

We knew insulating under there would certainly help, and considered doing the job ourselves. But the more we thought about it we the less we relished the idea of crawling around under there, lying on our backs on the cold ground. So on Thursday our friends Alan and Scott Banks and one of their helpers from Banks Construction came over to do it for us. We have used this father and son team for several projects around our place and they always do a fantastic job at a fair price. They show up when they say they are going to, and don’t leave a mess behind when they are finished.

The first step was hauling our kayaks out from underneath the office, where they have been stored since we moved here, and then they spent some time installing the insulation. When that was done, they rolled out heavy black plastic for a vapor barrier that will also hold the insulation in place.

Then they were back under the house, stretching the plastic out before stapling it into place under the insulation. They spent quite a bit of time doing it because they wanted to make sure it was very secure and would not come loose.

When that was finished, they stretched out more of the same black plastic across the ground to serve as an additional vapor barrier. They used some old red bricks from out in the barn to hold it down.

By that evening, we were already feeling a difference in the office, and definitely by the next morning. The next step will be to get some siding to enclose the open sides and front to keep any wind out, which will add to the insulating factor. Thanks Scott and Alan. We really appreciate you guys.

I had planned to take the kayaks back to the barn, but then realized they would just be in the way when Travis and I start our projects out there. So we decided to put them under the new deck for now. I’m not sure if Terry and I have gotten weak since we have moved here or if the kayaks have gotten heavier, but it was a struggle for us to get them under there. We have not used them for a year and we are asking ourselves if we will in the future, and how hard it will be for us to manage them. Scott and Alan told us about some good kayaking and fishing opportunities in the area, so I guess we’ll see how it works out.

When we were only 800 yards from the water at our place in Florida, it was handy to have them, and launching was easy. But if we have to load them into the back of the truck or a trailer and carry them down to a launch site, that may be another story. If we’re not going to use them, there’s no use having them taking up space.

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Thought For The Day – Disappointed? That’s what you get for expecting things.

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  1. From your picture, covering your Air Conditioners, even with just plastic, will also warm your office.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. I’m hardly an expert Nick but the comment that the vapour barrier was installed under the insulation raises a red flag for me! Vapour barriers are typically installed on the living space side of the insulation. Installing it on the outside of the insulation I would think would tend to trap moisture and promote mold and rot where the moisture is trapped against the wood. External sheathing is designed to breathe to allow any moisture to evaporate.

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