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Jan 032024

It was 32° outside when we got into the hot tub last night. Some people might think that’s insane, but it’s actually very comfortable the minute you step into the water. And since it’s only three steps from the tub to our bedroom door, we don’t have time to get cold when we get out and go back inside.

I think it got down to about 30° degrees overnight, and yesterday was breezy and cold, so it was not a good day to do much of anything outside except go out onto the back deck several times to throw Alli’s ball. I sure hope we get the insulation installed under the floor of the office soon, because on days like that it is downright uncomfortable unless we have the electric space heaters going all the time. That really runs up the electric bill!

Since it was too cold to do much outside, it was a good day to go back to Big Lake. Whenever I haven’t been writing about that Arizona little mountain town, I get homesick for the place. So I started working on my next book in the series, Big Lake Accident.

The story begins with somebody finding a wrecked vehicle off the side of a mountain at notorious Dead Man’s Curve, with the driver deceased inside. It looks like a simple accident, and not the first at the same location. There is a reason they call it Dead Man’s Curve, after all. Of course, we all know that nothing is ever simple in Big Lake, is it? But I’m sure Sheriff Weber and his crew will get to the bottom of whatever happened. They always do. I just wish they’d hurry because I want to know, too!

On another note, a couple of readers have asked me what the benefit of switching to the Cove security system over the Vector is. First of all is the price. Vector was $48.50 a month for an old system that did not respond well, and if I wanted to upgrade to new equipment, it would have cost a considerable amount of money. As a returning Cove customer, since we had their system at our house in Florida, and because I am a veteran, it’s only $10.95 a month, guaranteed for life. And Cove sent me the door and motion sensors, the control panel, router, a doorbell camera, and everything else I needed for free. I plan to purchase indoor security cameras, and there will be no extra monthly charge to add them to the system.

In addition, Cove also sent two key fob style remotes we can use to arm or disarm the system, as well as using the keypad or the phone app. Something else I like about the Cove system is that we can bypass individual door or motion sensors if we want to. That will come in handy when do we want to leave Alli in our bedroom when we go to town, and leave the cats in their room, but still have the system armed and protecting our home. All in all, there were plenty of reasons to switch, and none to stay with the old company.

And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – The holidays are over. Go ahead and have a meltdown. You deserve it.

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  1. Searching for Big Lake Accident…can’t find on Amazon. Has it been published? Love this series.

  2. Margaret, I am working on Big Lake Accident now. I hope to have it out in February.

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