Anniversary Dinner

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Jan 212024

Even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, the 16th, Terry and I didn’t get around to going out for our anniversary dinner until yesterday, because earlier in the week it was just so darn cold and nasty, and a lot of the roads were icy.

Since we spent our 25th anniversary last year moving from Florida to Alabama, and by the time we got the U-Haul unloaded, nothing was open in our little town except Subway, I decided I’d better do more than that this year.

We had a few other things we wanted to do in town as well, so our first stop was at Lowe’s to pick up some paver blocks to put at the foot of the steps on our deck. Alli goes up and down those steps several times a day, and with all the rain we have had, the ground has turned into mud, which she then tracks indoors. Hopefully, putting some pavers down there will cover the muddy area and make life a little easier.

From Lowe’s we went to Tractor Supply so I could get some long sleeve Carhartt shirts. I have a couple, as well as quite a few of their short sleeve shirts, and I wanted some more of the heavier ones for this weather. While we were waiting to check out, a little girl named Allie, who was about three or four years old, was running around, ignoring her mother, who kept calling for her. I told Terry that my Alli is better behaved than that one. Terry just shook her head and said, sometimes. Well yeah, but she’s a puppy.

We needed to get some groceries, and since it was only about 34° we decided it would be okay to get them first and then go eat, because nothing was going to spoil in the truck in the time we were at the restaurant. After a stop at Publix, then another one further up the road at Winn-Dixie because the Publix in Northport never seems to have what we want, we went to LongHorn Steakhouse for our much delayed celebratory dinner.

LongHorn is always very good, and this time was no exception. I had their Outlaw Ribeye and Terry chose grilled salmon, which is her favorite. Even though it was a Saturday and the place was busy, which prompted a brief wait before our food was ready, it was all delicious.

Every time we have eaten at LongHorn I have admired the heavy steak knives they have and kept telling Terry that one day I was going to have to steal one. So imagine my surprise when I saw they had them for sale in a very nice presentation case. The price was $39.95, which really isn’t bad for four excellent knives. Just for the heck of it, I looked them up on Amazon, because we all know you can buy anything in the world on Amazon, and sure enough, they had a set of six for $118. I was tempted to buy a bunch of them at the restaurant and resell them on Amazon, but as it turned out I got the last set they had. Okay, so much for entrepreneurial fantasies.

After getting down to 16° overnight, things are supposed to start warming up today, with a high of 41°. And by the end of the week the weatherman says we might see close to 70° along with a lot of rain. We still need the rain because of the severe drought conditions, and I’m really looking forward to the warmer temperatures, too.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us. It looks like my ex bought herself a van.

Thought For The Day – The softer you talk, the closer people listen.

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  5 Responses to “Anniversary Dinner”

  1. Alli’s muddy paws… have you heard of or used a Mudbuster for muddy paws??? I saw it on TV five or six years ago and bought one for my dog. Six dogs later, I still use one every time a dog shows up at my doorstep with muddy paws because it works! Today they come in three sizes and I have all three mostly because over the past few years I have had all three sizes of dogs. They are like a huge cup with silicone fingers inside and with a bit of water in the cup, it cleans and removes mud from the paw including the pads and toenails. Amazon sells all the sizes available, Walmart sells the medium size as well but IMHO, it’s a knock-off, not the original. I can’t stress enough how well they work. Just a quick insert paw, I do an up and down motion because these old hands don’t rotate well, and the paws are clean and ready to be dried. I am not putting a link here because I know I would never click it, so just search on Amazon for “mudbuster” and it comes right up.

    BTW, you are a lucky guy having Terri take care of you. As they say, there’s a good woman behind every good man! I am a huge fan of your books, especially Big Lake. I lived for 30 years in Arizona and have friends up in the Show Low and Big Lake area. In retirement and to be near my kids I am now in the Kansas City area freezing and missing those warm Arizona temperatures!

  2. Nick your the ‘alpha’ and you know how much your ‘Allie’ loves you!

    She probably pays more attention to you than most kids do to their parents!

  3. Longhorn Steakhouse with selling stake knives seems to me like they are cutting their throat so to speak.

    You buy the knives and then you cook and eat at home so you can use them. Or you’re certainly not going to take them to the restaurant and use them there.

  4. Sorry I missed the big day. Happy Anniversary you two love birds. BYW, it was 29 degrees in Middleburg, FL this morning. Burrrr!!!!

  5. I saw the pic and thought Big Lake Murder With Many Knives. 😁. Happy Anniversary you two.

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