A Lot Going On

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Jan 112024

Yesterday started with a phone call from Suburban Propane in Columbus, Mississippi, the company that was supposed to be setting a 250 gallon propane tank for us for our Generac home generator installation. I thought everything was arranged and ready to go until the man on the phone decided that the agreements already made didn’t suit him and wanted to change things around. To be honest, he seemed kind of rude to me, and after listening to him tell me I probably couldn’t afford to do it the way we had agreed upon, and telling me why the things that the person they had sent out to do the site survey and decided would work, were suddenly not okay.

I told him I would have to talk to Absolute Power Solutions, the Generac dealer, and called them and told them that since they had recommended Suburban Propane, they needed to get things straightened out. My feeling has always been that if somebody is going to be difficult to work with when they’re supposedly trying to earn my business, what’s it going to be like once they have my money?

After several phone calls back and forth, the installer from Absolute Power Solutions called me to say that they were going to switch me to another propane supplier. One that I had tried to get to come out and give us a bid several times in the past, with no success. At this point, I don’t know what’s happening or when it’s going to be done, if ever.

While I was dealing with that, we were also getting ready to go into town for appointments we both had at Alabama Dermatology Center. And to add to the stress, Alli got sick and threw up her breakfast. What fun. ☹

About the time we were hustling our way out the door, Wayne and Anita showed up to take down the other hay shed. I knew they were coming and had told them to do what they needed to do, confident that they would get the job done.

Because of so much happening at once, we were running late, or at least right against the wire. But we made it to the dermatologist’s in Northport with about four minutes to spare. Nurse Practitioner Staci Hardwick is a very professional young woman who takes the time to get to know her patients and does not make you feel rushed. This was my second appointment with her, and Terry’s first. After giving Terry a thorough exam and talking about her medical history, she froze a couple of possibly precancerous spots. When it was my turn, she checked some spots that she had frozen on my last appointment six months ago, and then froze some other possibly precancerous spots. Since my bout with skin cancer ten years ago, I’ve been through this several times and I’m certain I will more times in the future.

When we left the doctor’s office, we went to Water Works in Tuscaloosa, where we purchased our hot tub back in December. As a service to customers, they like you to bring in a sample of your water so they can check it every so often. We knew things were off kilter a bit, and they gave us some advice on how to keep the spa’s water under control.

When we pulled in, Terry noticed a big stack of pallets on the edge of the parking lot, and since our son Travis is always looking for pallets for his artwork, I asked what they did with them. Tony, the salesman that we had dealt with, said people came by and picked them up on a first come, first serve basis and we were welcome to take as many as we wanted.

With the tri-fold tonneau cover on the truck, we could only get nine in, some lying down and some standing on end, but we knew Travis would be glad to have them.

We hadn’t had time to eat breakfast and by then it was close to 4 PM, so we stopped at the Shrimp Basket for breakfast/lunch/dinner. The service and food there is always good, and while it’s not quite on a par with the seafood we enjoyed when we lived on Florida’s Central Coast, it’s pretty good.

From there, we stopped at Publix to pick up some things we needed, and as we were checking out, Wayne called me to tell me they had the other hay shed down and would be by today to take away the material. We stopped to drop off the pallets at Travis’ house on the way home, and by the time we got to our place we were pretty well worn out from our very busy day.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – It’s easier to take back a no than to take back a yes.

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  1. After reading your blogs, I have decided you both work way too hard!!
    I thought you were retired ? Of course, writing your wonderful books is not retirement but whew you make me tired just reading all your adventures.

  2. Maybe look into EcoFlow home back-up solution. https://www.ecoflow.com/us/delta-pro-ultra

  3. Connie C,
    We are not retired, we work from home. I still try to put our at least 4 books a year. Between that and everything else we do, who has time to slow down? Besides, if we did, they might catch us and put us in a home someplace. 🙂

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