Dec 172023

We had an appointment yesterday morning with a representative from Absolute Power Solutions in Steens, Mississippi to give us an estimate for a Generac whole-house backup generator. He spent a lot of time going over our needs and then looking at the layout of our property, and where the best place would be to install the generator.

The estimate he gave us was right in the ballpark of what I expected to pay for the generator and installation. Now the only hang up will be getting a company to deliver propane to power the generator when needed. As I said in yesterday’s blog, when we tried to get a propane tank set up before, none of the local companies would deal with us because we only have a gas cooktop, saying that we would not use enough to make it worth their time to service us. But the rep from Absolute Power Solutions said he was sure that he could find somebody, especially since we would be buying over 200 gallons of propane. We may have to end up purchasing a tank ourselves, which is fine with me. We just need to get it done. Hopefully, we’ll know something sometime this coming week about how the propane issue will work out.

After he left, I went into a marathon writing session and didn’t stop until after 6:30, when Terry had dinner ready to go. I ended up with another 7,500 words for the day and Jackpot, my twelfth John Lee Quarrels mystery, was done. It came in at a little over 84,800 words before final editing and proofreading. Today I will go through the last few chapters, then print them out for Terry to edit and proofread before they go off to Judy and Roberta for a second and third round. The story ended up being completely different than what I thought it would be in the beginning, which really comes as no surprise because that happens so often. I’m looking forward to getting this one out, and hoping my readers will enjoy it.

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And finally, here’s a chuckle to start your day from the collection of funny signs we see in our travels and that our readers share with us.

Thought For The Day – With tequila and Amazon, you can be your own Secret Santa!

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  5 Responses to “Jackpots and Generators”

  1. I have had a Generac (13,000kw) full house generator for nearly 15 years and it is hooked up through my natural gas line. It has been so dependable and when the power goes out it comes on in 15 seconds. Living in the SoCal mountains, especially during winter snow storms it has been so reassuring to know that when our power goes out (sometimes for days), the generator will keep the house going. Good luck with getting your propane sorted out. JMHO.

  2. Bob Krattenmaker

  3. Last year I read that Generac had bought a company that integrated solar & batteries with their generators as backup -so that a complete off the grid system could be managed.Eventually that might appeal if your electricity gets too pricey &/or frequent outages.All the best of the Season to you & Terry.

  4. Nick got to wondering why you need a huge propane tank. Wouldn’t a smaller one work since it won’t be used that often and a smaller tank could handle that? A 100 lb tank should be all you need, me thinks.

  5. Follow up with new thoughts. Can’t you use the same propane source you now use for your gas cooktop?

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